She lists her thankfuls.

  • Yesterday was MLB’s opening day! I’m not the world’s biggest baseball fan. But I love my husband, who loves his Phillies. And I’ve always been a fan of warm spring days at the ballpark, with a hot dog in hand…
  • My mother in law is here visiting. I know that doesn’t usually bring out a mama’s fuzzy thankful feeling…but I love her and I’ve missed her. And yesterday she sent me out during nap time to get myself a latte and browse poetry books. Ahhhh.
  • Despite being far from family on Easter Sunday, our little apartment was full of people enjoying an Easter meal with us. I’m thankful for new friends.
  • You may not be a cat person. But I am. And my cat is a little furry orb on my lap right now. Thankful.
  • Last night, while not making dinner, I made up the story of Grouchy Shark and Bat Ray who become friends in the aquarium because of the thoughtfulness of the ray during lunchtime. August thought it was awesome.
  • Easter isn’t over! It just started!
  • The Associated Press says: “Babies should be given the chance to breastfeed immediately after birth.” There’s a shocker! Here’s to hospitals that actually support breastfeeding and mamas.
  • Read 1 Corinthians 15 this morning. “If Christ has not been raised, our preaching is useless and so is your faith.” So thankful that I believe in the craziest religious story out there. I’m thankful that its power lies only in its actually being true.
  • Thankful for dark chocolate. Oh, how I missed it this Lent. But it was still there, waiting in the pantry.
  • I’m thankful that Ming-Ming on The Wonder Pets loves celery because soon it may be the only veggie my son will touch. Thank you Ming-Ming, for at least giving us something.
  • My neice (who loves to read) turned ten on Sunday and I got to send her A Wrinkle in Time and Little Women in one box! Could there be two better books to give as a birthday present?
  • I’m thankful my son is practicing his musical range by saying “Mama” from his crib in every possible inflection right now. Happily.

What about you? What are you thankful for on this fine Thankful Tuesday?



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4 responses to “She lists her thankfuls.

  1. Melanie Lyons

    I’m thankful for your thankful list, it was a bright spot in my day. I’m also thankful for a little boy who has Taco Villa sauce all over his face.

  2. -Thankful for my baby Sam who is the best little sleeper a mama could ask for

    -Thankful for high school girls who need to talk and having the time to give them

    -Thankful for time yesterday to sit alone and be with God- not pray or ask or anything else- just be.

  3. Mom

    I am thankful for you, my very favorits daughter:)

  4. I love seeing your thankfuls, friends. Thanks for sharing. And Mom, I’m honored to be your favorite daughter!

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