Each day this week, I’ll be sharing from a series of five Advent poems I wrote for John Knox Presbyterian Church in Seattle. I hope they will bless you as you prepare for the coming of Christmas.


“A great and wondrous sign appeared in heaven: a woman clothed with the sun, with the moon 
under her feet and a crown of twelve stars on her head.”
   -Revelation 12:1

“…keep warm this small hot naked star/ fallen into my arms.”  -Luci Shaw, “Mary’s Song”

After the angel dissolved, I stood among the skies,
no longer dressed in brown linen, but with fire:
the sun’s silk my gown. I leaned into the swirl of gold and lit.

Have I created my Creator?

My mother clucks her tongue. Questions, she says,
cause confusion. She could never hold what I saw:

the crown upon this plain brown head,
twelve stars in motion, set spinning like a child’s toy,
and rushing towards me, flames in its wake, blazed
the greater star, its hot white orb.

Should I tell you it entered me, how the warm simmer settled?

When I woke to this dirt floor, my mother’s voice
in the next room, issuing me out the door,
I ran my hands down my belly,
knew what is real is the crown, not the dirt.

Later, when the nausea came, when the accusations
birthed, when all those I loved turned enemies,
I would stand in the garden, arms raised,
close my eyes and feel the spinning crown encircling,
feel this star descending into human form.

© Micha Boyett Hohorst, 2010. All rights reserved. Please do not reprint or post without attribution.


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13 responses to “Star

  1. Haley

    Love love love… These poems have blessed us and now they will bless many others as well!

    • Haley, you are the greatest. Thank you. Yesterday I was saying something to my mom like, “My friend Haley…” and she stopped me. “Is she a real friend or an internet friend?”
      Well…she’s internet but real too! So grateful for your encouragement and for this opportunity.

      • Haley

        Haha I have done the same thing! I believe that true friendship *can* be forged through online connections. 🙂 Thankful to be in both categories!

  2. First: I love this poem.

    Second: Any chance it (and its soon-to-be-shared kin) could be shared among the people of The Commons over the remainder of Advent in our services?

  3. Oh my, Micha…This is stunningly beautiful. I’m going to send all my gang over to see it.

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  5. Lauren O'Connell

    !!! I love this. Thank you for sharing it!!!

  6. Lauren

    also, not directly related to this poem, but I wanted to let you know:

    Because of your recommendation/reference, I checked the Jesus Storybook Bible out from the library. I love it, my boys love it, and it will be one of our family Christmas gifts. So thank you!

  7. Sam

    Absolutely beautiful, Micha. I am catching up!

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