A Psalm for Thankful Thursday

It’s been a while since I mentioned my Psalm a day. Please believe me: I have not been the winner of the “I faithfully read my Psalm everyday” award. But yesterday was day 62 and I actually read Psalm 62, just the words I needed to hear.

I think I may have missed my first Thankful Tuesday ever on the blog. For shame! And the truth is, this week has been overwhelming. I’ve felt really sad. And sometimes that’s exactly when we need a Thankful Tuesday. So, although I would have never named it Thankful Thursday (the two “TH” sounds are too predicable), today I will offer you my Thankful Tuesday on a Thursday post. It goes like this:

Psalm 62 says a lot of things I’m thankful for:

  • My soul will only ever find rest in God alone, every thing else in my life, those things I’m certain are necessary for happiness, will never completely satisfy. I need God.
  • I can believe and cling to a God who is a rock or I can stand on a tottering fence. If I choose the rock, I won’t be shaken, no matter my circumstances.
  • My hope comes from God. Hope gets planted in me down deep. It’s not something that I can understand. It’s a mystery that has to be built into me and grown.
  • God wants me to pour out my heart to him.
  • God is power and love. Both at the same time, a balance that mirrors the exact needs of my heart.

Yesterday I turned on Sandra McCracken’s Petition in the car and listened to it over and over. You can read the lyrics here. I’m thankful for them as well…

May your Thursday also be thankful, friends.





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2 responses to “A Psalm for Thankful Thursday

  1. Micha, I found your blog a few weeks ago while I was searching for the lyrics to Petition, so on reading you mention it again I thought it was time to say: Thanks for writing! I love the way you attempt to bring some of the strengths of monastic practice into your every-day, non-monastic life. I love that you love poems and hymns. I love the way you love your children and share what it’s really like to be a woman and a mom in all of these things. So, thanks for writing. You are an encouragement, even to this single, mid-west stranger. 🙂

  2. Alysia

    Been praying for you and thinking of you this week! I wish I were there to hold a baby or play with a toddler for you, or just send you out for coffee with a friend. Hang in there–it DOES get easier! And the first few weeks are always a little bumpy. =)

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