Wednesday Morning Thankful

A goodbye SF pic we took last week. (Thanks Jonas Oppedal!)

Yes, it’s Wednesday. Thankful Tuesday is a day late, I know. But, come on, I’ve been moving! Have some grace on a girl. Here is a list of all that’s been happening since you heard from me last, in the form of a Thankful Tuesday list.

  • One day I was vacuuming the house for a 3-year-old Lightning McQueen birthday party and the next, I was standing in an empty living room. That’s weird. I’m thankful that I didn’t have to pack my house myself and that I got to celebrate my boy’s birthday with all of his friends on the day before we moved away from San Francisco. I’m also thankful I’m one of the lucky ones, who has gotten to live in so many wonderful places and love the people who lived there. I cried a lot on Friday and Saturday, and I’m thankful I did.
  • On Saturday, partway through the movers’ amazingly speedy packing job, I remembered I still had Sarah’s dress! (I seriously wanted to keep it, but my guilt got the best of me.) So, Brooksie and I took our last afternoon walk to Sarah, Caitlin and Cecelia’s. Of course, I forgot everything else but the dress so when Brooks wanted to eat and immediately pooped, Sarah and Caitlin helped me construct a makeshift diaper out of their kitchen towel and my headband. We laughed a lot and it was a sweet goodbye.
  • My brother Jason sent me a shirt a couple of weeks ago that says “Brooks was here.” It’s both creepy (see “Shawshank Redemption”) and entirely relevant to the past year of my life (see baby’s name). So I’m thankful.
  • I’m thankful for our trip to Monterey on Sunday to take August to the aquarium before we checked out of our apartment on Monday and flew out of town. After the difficulty of saying goodbye to our friends, it was sweet to be together as a family and just rest for a day.
  • I’m writing this in Philadelphia at nine am while drinking coffee next to my mother-in-law’s pool. (We’re here visiting family for the next couple of weeks while our stuff is on its way to Austin.) I’m thankful for movers! And for pools to put my feet in!
  • And, of course, I’m grateful for this season of the year. Summer really did exist all along, people! I’d just forgotten. And what a sweet feeling it is to be hot.  (Last night, when Chris and I decided to go outside on a walk, I ran upstairs to change into jeans even though everyone said, “Micha, you don’t need pants. It’s hot out!” But did I believe them? Of course not. That’s how jaded I am! This Texas girl will have to relearn how not to wear a jacket at night.)

Thankful Thankful…


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5 responses to “Wednesday Morning Thankful

  1. MLL

    LOVE the picture. Makes me think of Full House. Not having to pack and move everything yourself is amazing! I’m thankful for that for you. I’m thankful for smallness, and God who consistently humbles me. Also thankful for inflatable pools in 111 degree weather. They rock. Happy adventuring!

  2. Caq

    I’m thankful for your post. And that Chicago remembered summer too. Finally. And that i’m in love. And that I am going to get my first haircut in about a million years soon. And sundresses!! And that Michael’s mom is doing well and his sister is visiting. Oh and love. Xoxoxoxo

  3. Carrie

    Love this picture! Enjoy your time in Philly! We were just there last week – wish we could have overlapped our trip and seen you guys! Maybe we’ll come up while you’re still around!

  4. Cheryl Crain

    And I am so thankful I have your encouraging spirit to read every week. Don’t worry about relearning about heat. This Texas heat will knock you over so I don’t think you’ll have any trouble remembering. Have fun and enjoy your time.

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