First Day of Preschool (!) Thankful

Many reasons to be grateful today:

  • August is so ready for some friends and a schedule. He loved his art school in San Francisco and I know he’s going to thrive at real preschool. Circle time! Playing with new kids! Eating lunch without his mama! (And then going home with her 15 minutes later…) It’s going to be so good.
  • I’m thankful that for every moment in my life where I’ve been as afraid as August is about his first day at a new school with new friends and new teachers, I’ve been lovingly nudged off the edge. Today I will have to do some nudging.
  • The greenest romaine I’ve ever cut up for salad last night. How have I never noticed how beautiful lettuce can be?
  • A husband who does dishes and puts away food.
  • A rustically modern bench Chris got at an antique sell on Sunday.
  • 1 ½ weeks until we move into a home and get our stuff out of storage.
  • Reconnecting with friends from long ago.
  • The beauty of being in a new city and with new people but feeling at home at Young Life “Club” Sunday night (UT College Life to be exact…)
  • How baby T-Rexy grabs my hair in both fists and pulls me down for a kiss. Such passion!
  • How is it that these boys have me for a mom?

  • I’m thankful for sweet babies who grow as tall as a 5-year-old and get hairy legs and become obsessed with volcanoes, engines, and fire:

Thanks to my sister-in-law and SunnyKaye Photography for the photos…



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6 responses to “First Day of Preschool (!) Thankful

  1. Sam

    Oh my goodness! Could that child BE any more handsome! I know I think my own child is pure gorgeousness, but Micha! Be still my heart.

    Hooray for August and preschool. I have a feeling August will LOVE it. There may be some transition tears – and that’s to be expected, there’s been plenty of change lately – but I bet he will thrive and delight his teachers! Saying a little prayer for both of you on this first day.

  2. Linda Carleton

    Beautiful boys. My grandson now only allows me to say he looks awesome but for now yours are beautiful.

  3. Susan Gerding

    I am delighted to have you and Chris in Texas. He is often in my prayers, as are you and the boys. I, too, am a gulper. No dips for me. I want to drink in every bit of Christ’s being. He is more than a remembrance. He is all that I long to be. Let us know when you are settled, I would love to see you all. Know that if you come our way, you will have a place to rest your heads.
    Blessings, “Aunt Sue” or as Chris used to say Aunt Shoe

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