Katniss, Katy Perry and my cat: a Thankful Tuesday list

  • Post-church Hohorst-famous pancakes with friends.
  • Realizing on the way home from Writer’s Group last night that I was alone in the car and I should definitely roll the window down, turn the radio up as loud as I could stand, and sing along to Cobra Starship (“You Make Me Feel…“).
  • A tired 3- year-old in tears at bedtime Sunday night. A husband who asks: “What do you need? What’s the matter?” The boy’s answer: “I just want to have a dance party before bed!” Do you think this mama can say no to a pre-bed dance party? Never. Hi Katy Perry. Let’s dance.
  • Two baby teeth pushing through my baby boy’s bright red gums and the little champ who hardly complains about his difficult lot.
  • That feeling when you know the Lord has been directing every aspect of your move: including the friendships waiting for you at this church you’ve found and love. I believe I’ve been steered toward these people and I’m grateful.
  • This trailer for The Hunger Games movie. Oh, yes, I love The Hunger Games. (I have a secret favorite genre and it involves post-apocalyptic, young adult fiction…judge me if you dare!)
  • Watching August and Chris spread peanut butter and jelly on bread, pack an apple and chips into a bag of food for the “man who doesn’t have a home” because August said we should. Really, could I be more thankful for anything this week?
  • A baby who has slept from 7 pm to 7 am WITHOUT WAKING twice this week. Anyone who knew our sleeping issues two months ago would do a little dance with me right now.
  •  A little boy who has finally forgotten about his imaginary friend GinGin (who told him not to poop in the potty) and who has become an fully potty trained child! He’s proud, we’re proud. You internet people are proud…
  • I didn’t think I would get to see any color on the trees here in Austin. But every once in a while I catch a dash of red popping out. It’s 80 in November and I’m still grateful every time I’m out at night without a scarf.
  • A husband who cleans the bathroom without being asked.
  • The miraculous wonder of cleaning with vinegar! How did I clean my home for so long with a lot of junk when all I needed was vinegar???
  • Early evenings and the joy of playing outside until the sun goes down.
  • A washing machine and a dryer. I hope I never forget how difficult it used to be and how good I’ve got it.
  • Advent is coming! Soon! I cannot wait for the start of the church year and the seasons of Advent through Epiphany. Yay yay yay.
  • How I’ve been thinking about time and transition and ritual and routine. And I’ve been feeling so grateful that God gives us the cushion of transition between major changes. That cushion seems to me to be a relative of rest. And I want to understand what that means. So, I’m grateful for grace in time. Maybe I’ll write about that sometime this week.
  • Ezra the cat who is sitting in my lap on his back with his legs spread. He looks like an old man in a recliner. And that makes me thankful.

It’s Thankful Tuesday! Tell us what you’re thankful for in the comments. Seriously. I’m going to be really sad if you just read this but don’t list what you’re thankful for! You’re my friend and I want to be thankful with you! I mean it.



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14 responses to “Katniss, Katy Perry and my cat: a Thankful Tuesday list

  1. Joy

    I’m thankful for that time at night when your kids are in bed and you are kissing them goodnight. Their little heads poking out of the blankets and the tell you they love you. Thanks be to God for everything!

  2. Sam

    I’m thankful for a really fun weekend – a birthday party for our dear friends’ little girl who is, suddenly, two; a zoo visit that included a ride on the train, and a fun supper with friends. Church at our home church and so many hugs and smiles. I’m also feeling very thankful to have gotten some definitive answers on Thomas and what we can expect for the next year. Last week was rough but I’ve come out of it with things being much more clear. (And yes, I am thankful for Mississippi voting down 26. Very thankful.)

  3. Jodi Chesemore

    While I don’t have toddlers anymore, I have a 9 year old and 12 year old, we made a thankful tree anyway sans the Dora. It hangs in our kitchen next to our table and each night we have added 1-2-3 things depending who you are. Some are heartfelt and deep and others are the things that come easiest for a 12 year old to write down like allowance, which really is something to be thankful for. I wish we would have started this when they were younger but as an older person I continue to learn it is never too late! Thanks for the idea Micah and thank you for thankful Tuesdays and sharing all the joys and struggles of motherhood and life. What a blessing. I am thankful this am for you and others who see the value in mothering and living each day embracing what God has for us at any given moment. They are all gifts, we just need to practice naming them and seeing them for what they are!

  4. So thankful for the last oak leaves held in palms of grasses like so many gloves dropped,
    the crowds of breezes rushing through,
    my small child and I watching deer pass through the sanctuaries of frost
    in the first light
    like mists over the lane;
    like gray-brown gowns
    across the monasteries of morning.
    In chanting prisms of starlight,
    we beheld shadows of God passing by,
    stepping out
    and into
    the pastures
    of paradise.

  5. Julie Hay

    I love your list! I join with you in excitement about The Hunger Games and can’t wait until March! This morning I’m still lying in bed recovering from a stomach bug ( and hiding from my lil guy because if he knows I’m home, it’s no rest for the weary). One of the things that always brightens my day is the sound of his voice. I remember when he was a baby what it would sound like, and it truly is the most precious sound I’ve ever heard. He also went to bed at 7:30 last night and slept until 7:30 this morning, which he never does (I’ve seen 5am four days in a row this week). So thankful for the extra sleep and that my husband has been off to take care of him for me! I’m also thankful for friends who strongly desire to know what your true needs are and how you want them to pray sprecifically in situations, so they are truly joining with you in prayer. I’ve been doing what I’m thankful for on fbook everyday, but this is what’s on my mind this morning.

  6. danielle b

    Thankful for the thankful tree we started with my two-year-old. Last night he was thankful for his baby sister’s socks. And he gets so excited each night about adding a new paper leaf to a branch! Excited to re-read each leaf at Thanksgiving.

    My husband works with college students and I’m so thankful for the desire the students have to baby-sit our children. For free. One of the many blessings of being involved in a campus ministry.

  7. Amy

    Feeling my baby kick in my tummy.
    My 21 month old learning to say “i love you”
    Feeling grateful for the little things, and painfully aware of how short life can be.

    Thanks for your blog, I enjoy reading all the time!

  8. I’m thankful for the mysteries of technology that caused my college roommate (1967-1970!) and me to each receive “missed calls”from each other. Neither one of us had called the other, but after we laughed, we had a wonderful visit for over 45 minutes. We haven’t connected that way in ages and I’m so grateful to reconnect with her and to have her in my life.

  9. I’m loving these lists, friends! Thank you for leaving them. (Ah! And I love your story, Phyllis. That’s wonderful.)

    Hearing from you is good practice for me. 🙂

  10. I’m thankful that my daughter wakes up singing every morning, and for her warm hugs as soon as I pick her up out of the crib.

    I’m thankful for a productive chore day AND a chance to write.

    I’m thankful for the blogging community and for always meeting new bloggers who “get” me.

    I’m thankful for being able to fit into all my post-pregnancy clothes.

    I’m thankful to live in a home of our own.

    I’m thankful we live close to family.

    Oh, there are so many more things to be thankful for! I guess I’ll save it for another Tuesday. 🙂

  11. Kim

    I’m thankful for a friend who asks to take a hike with me and doesn’t care that I huff and puff all the way, for snuggles from my little guy even when he’s sick, for friends who care, and for severance in a bad economy. For choices for the future and the possibility of new beginnings.

  12. I am thankful for oreo cookies, and Marionberry pie, and two buck chuck. I’m thankful that after my first plan for dinner failed, I realized I had all the ingredients for a second recipe. No need for a trip to the grocery store! I am also thankful that God answers very specific prayers. We just found out my husband has cancer. The last two weeks we’ve been praying for the right people to talk to about his diagnosis, and just today we’ve found at least 8 different resources (from other patients, to doctors, to oncology nurses, etc.) I know He is a God that cares, and for that I am thankful. (P.S. you inspired me to start a thankful list back in September and I’ve been tweeting something I’m thankful for each day since then.)

  13. It’s late at night and I’m supposed to be making lesson plans for Kendra, but I wanted you to know that I’m your friend and I’m really, really thankful for that. 🙂

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