Thankful Tuesday: Christmas Travel Edition!

  • Having a friend like Jamie in Austin, who was up all night with her 4-month-old and still willing to drive us to the airport at 4:30 am. Yay for friends who love us
  • Boys who go to sleep on airplanes and choose not to scream. Thank you, children.
  • The gift of being able to see family we love, even though they are so far away.
  • Hugging my husband’s little sister and sharing a chair with her because there are too many of us to fit.
  • Spending a Monday night eating cheese (did I mention I can eat dairy now? nine months without was long and I’m so thankful!) and laughing with three of Chris’ five(!) siblings, dad and step mom.
  • Eating pot roast at 10 pm.
  • A late-night round of catching ice cream bites with our mouths across the formal dining room table.
  • Uncles who play knights and wrestle with August.
  • Seeing Brooksie mesmerized by the height of the Hohorst men. (My husband looks short as the 6′ 4″ one.)
  • A make-do high chair. (Tying your baby to a chair works fine.)
  • Early morning fire in the fireplace.
  • The promise of rest.
  • Being able to spend these few days here before we head to Chris’ mom’s for Christmas.
  • Have there ever been two families more different than Christopher’s dad’s family and mine? Only grace could give both of us a home with either.

It’s almost Christmas! And it’s Thankful Tuesday. What are you thankful for?



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4 responses to “Thankful Tuesday: Christmas Travel Edition!

  1. Rebecca

    I am thankful for sleeping children while I drink my morning coffee and do last night’s dishes.
    -for the time we have today to make sugar cookies and watch christmas cartoons
    -for kids who know that we are waiting for jesus and not santa….
    -for a husband who puts up with me working and going to school and still loves me when i fall apart.
    -for your reminders every tuesday, that I should be thankful too. 🙂

  2. A husband who says, “Journal. Write. Do that first, before anything else today.”… A red sky morning with mist in the trees and dew on the grass that melts away to cold, winter blue sky and pale sunshine… presents to wrap by the Christmas tree today… the neighbor’s awesome old-timey Christmas lights that they wrapped all over their fence so we can see them through our bedroom window…

  3. For cleansing tears and the shepherd’s psalm. Lunch from a box… a son on vacation and a daughter at work… a writing assignment, a thankful heart. A quiet office, everyone on pause. Patience to stand in line at the bank to pay a bill, money to pay said bill. Thank you Lord for today!!

  4. I am thankful for the small, but beautiful, Christmas tree we found today in the market here in Belize!

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