7 Quick Takes for a Thursday

I’m a day early for Conversion Diary‘s “7 Quick Takes,” but I’m feeling a little wacky so I’m gonna do it anyway…

  1. Two weeks ago, my friend Ali told me about a blog called Momastery. My first (totally vain and selfish) thought was, “Oh no! Someone way cooler than me is writing what I’ve been trying to write but waaaaaay better! I suck.” And then I started reading her, along with what feels like every one else on Twitter…the same week. (How does that stuff happens?) I was right. She is way cooler than I am. And she’s writing things that stun and comfort and wrap me up. I love her. You should be reading her as well. As long as there’s room in your life for two monkish types.
  2. Tuesday morning (two days after August watched the halftime show of the Super Bowl with me), my boys and I were running errands in the car, listening to music, when August, pondering, said, “Mommy, who did you say was the queen of dance parties?” // “Ummmm. What do you mean, honey?” (I had zero recollection of ever uttering that phrase.) // “You said someone was the queen of dance parties. You said it when we watched the Super Bowl.” //  I thought of those Roman-esque guards carrying an aged Material Girl into the stadium. Oh, yes. I said that. “I think I said Madonna, the lady who sang the songs. I think I said she was the queen of dance parties.” // “Yep. That’s right.” //  Oh, Micha. He’s always listening. Remember he’s always listening.
  3. I am currently giddy about: neighborhood kids who want to play with my kid every afternoon. (What? A play date I don’t have to plan or clean for?!), babies who sleep past the hour of 5 am, the raspy voice of my baby while he’s recovering from a cold, my new coral jeans (part of my resolution to buy clothes I really love), and the gentle stirring in Cousin Matthew’s lower region (a la Downton Abbey).
  4. I need a haircut in such a major way. Here’s how it usually goes: a month ago, I started thinking my hair was a mess. For two weeks, I thought about making an appointment. For one week, I was really angry with myself for not making an appointment. Then, one week ago, I actually did. So, two weeks from now I will get my hair cut. Six weeks after the first nudging. And…of course, 4 months after my last cut. Why can’t I get a grip?!
  5. I’m currently reading The Help, very, very slowly, because I’m also reading the 18 other books lying around my house. (I read Prince Caspian last Saturday because I was reading it outloud to August and I couldn’t stop myself from turning the next page.)
  6. Maybe my favorite thing this week has been how much my boys are playing together. Brooksie is becoming a real kid! He chased his brother (who crawled to make the game fair) across the living room yesterday morning, both of them giggling. Then they threw their bodies across my bed over and over yesterday, bouncing each other (while I spotted the sides for falling babies).
  7. There’s this mold in my shower that’s freaking me out. I took a toothbrush and straight vinegar to it yesterday but nothing budged. Then, this all-natural-cleaning gal pulled out the bleach. (For shame! I know!) I scrubbed till I feared for my family’s safety. The mold? I tamed it. But for how long?

What are you thinking about this week? How did you feel about Downton Abbey?



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10 responses to “7 Quick Takes for a Thursday

  1. This makes me laugh because for starters I bleached our standing shower last weekend so hard that our bedroom still smells a bit like a freshly chlorinated pool. I know two cleaning professionals and they both tell me that a bleach spritz in your problem areas really is your best bet, but sadly I ruined the shower rug and am now the owner of a new pair of bleach dot cleaning pants.

    Also everyone keeps telling me about Downton Abbey and I wonder how it snuck up on me and I missed it? Is it worth kicking chopped off my viewing list?

    • Oh, the bleaching casualties! I know all about the bathroom-smells-like-an-indoor-pool problem. No matter what I do, the smell won’t die…

      So I can’t speak to Chopped. I’ve never watched it so I can’t be the one who tells you to replace it with Downton. But, I will say, if you love British period pieces and you wish Jane Austen could have been your best friend and if you sometimes refer to your husband as “Mr Darcy,” then you’ll like Downton Abbey. Think of it as a soap opera for respectable 30-something female book nerds. 🙂

  2. I used to do that with my hair every single time. Now I make an appointment for the next time before I leave. It is the only thing that works for me.

  3. Sigh. I need a haircut, too. I have short hair, and had been getting it cut every five weeks, religiously… but that’s not making the budget happy, so I had to cancel my recent appointment. And now I have a mullet, and am trying to figure out how I can spin that into something that is okay.

    I also hear about Downton Abbey everywhere and am now convinced that we have to try it. Is it on Netflix??

    And I, too, recently found Momastery and love it. And I totally GET that anxiety that you had… I have those kinds of fears… “What if she does “me” but better?!” But listen: your voice IS different from hers, and just as necessary, and actually I identify with yours more. Not to put a new pressure on you or anything, to figure out what that means. 🙂 Just keep writing, and doing what you do!

    • There’s no shame in mullets, if they’ve been well-earned! Downton is definitely on Netflix. You can watch the first season. Then you can catch up on Season 2 on pbs.org. (That’s where I’m watching all of Season 2 since we don’t have cable.)

      And thanks for the kind words about my voice. So grateful you understand and grateful you identify. Such encouragement…

  4. Sam

    I know what you mean about Momastery! I was like, where has this blog been? So many blogs out there…

    I am excited about Matthew’s stirrings but I didn’t quite understand it until I read a recap. I was just really freaked out by the whole P.Gordon thing. In fact, I am feeling quite vexed that my Tivo deleted Sunday night’s episode. I’ve been saving them so I can have a Season Two marathon whenever I need it. Hoping that PBS will air a rerun of the previous episode.

    LOVE that you are reading Prince Caspian to August – have you read the other books? We had gotten into a bad habit of train YouTube videos before bed and totally skipping bedtime reading. I felt awful about it and have put the kibosh on train videos for now. (Mostly because I am tired of hearing about it ALL FREAKING DAY LONG but also because of the lack of reading.)

    I am the same way about haircuts. Just awful about it. My hair hasn’t been cut in months and months. I just hate making that phone call, plus the hairdresser I liked moved away. Just when I had finally found one!

    • Agree. P. Gordon was super creepy and sad. I don’t know how to feel about him! Also, I so wish to share the Season Two marathon with you and eat lots of popcorn and dark chocolate while we sit in our pjs.

      As far as reading to August, we started with The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe and he was really into it. We went through it pretty fast because he was excited. But Prince Caspian is waaay slower and he’s not as excited. I think things will pick up with The Dawn Treader though. (Also, we’ve been reading some classic Pooh to him. They’re also fun chapter books and he is pretty excited about those as well.)

  5. Lauren O'Connell

    Cousin Matthew’s stirrings brought me great joy. Equaled if not surpassed by my terror at Sir Richard’s fury/creepiness with Lady Mary.

    We literally just started Prince Caspian tonight. Both boys – 7 and 4 year olds – are completely entranced, and only the two set-up chapters in!

    Momastery – also a newish reader, probably about the same time as everyone else. I’m a bit over-awed, and it’s become a regular read. but i agree with Sarah Park. she’s no mama monk. and my spirit most definitely needs mama monk.

    and lastly, to sam: you can watch the aired downton episodes on PBS online!

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