Fat Tuesday Thankful

  • Writing posts two nights in a row at 11 pm because I spent the evening with friends.
  • My husband’s heartbreaking skill at searing and roasting a pork chop.
  • Creating a Goo Goo Dolls station on Pandora while our friends were over last night. Wow, 90’s music was the best.
  • The “Hoe Cake Hoe Down,” my dear church’s version of a Mardi Gras party, a pancake dinner and country dancing. It was last Friday night, a day I spent feeling crazy emotional, with snotty crying children who couldn’t get outside because of the rain. And at 5 pm, I couldn’t imagine discovering enough energy to get my people and myself dressed and into the car by 6:30. But we made it, fed our children pancakes, received lots of hugs, and spun around in red cowgirl boots (ok, I’m the only one in my family with red cowgirl boots…but I spun around). August and I have some mad dancing skills. What better way to celebrate the coming season of Lent?
  • Tea and scones and clotted cream yesterday afternoon with my San Franciscan friend Cecelia who was in town for the day.
  • Brooksie’s first step yesterday. He had been making some valiant attempts for the past couple of days, but yesterday evening, he stepped and stuck the landing. Oh boy.
  • Candles flickering on the mantle
  • A day so full I was never online from morning till 11 pm
  • Bath time and clean boys and cozy jammies
  • Realizing on Saturday that my hair has become “wavy” since having this last child. How?! I have always had stick-straight fine hair. Ladies and gentlemen, there is now a wave. (One wave.) And it is miraculous.
  • Laughter and cloth napkins and frozen chocolate covered bananas
  • Tomorrow is Ash Wednesday. Last week my baby turned 11 months old. A year ago on Ash Wednesday I was a massively with child. Now I have a little boy who has taken exactly one successful step in his life, who leaned in this afternoon and kissed my lips over and over (with his mouth wide open), who responds to a dinosaur name. How good a year can be???

It’s Thankful Tuesday. It’s the day before Lent begins. Be thankful. And tell us about it.


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5 responses to “Fat Tuesday Thankful

  1. caq

    1. http://poems.com/poem.php?date=15392 I still write poems! I’m trying to write thankful poems, and one day, I will. Right now I’m still fumbling.
    2. I get to see Sarah and Farah soon for AWP, and I don’t even have to attend anything at AWP. Best of both worlds.
    3. I can sleep! Sleep is so awesome.
    4. I get my Order of Protection on Friday (or die trying). Hopefully the end to a long ordeal.
    Thankfully xoxoxoxocaq

  2. Sarah Chrastina

    Loved the red boots, reminded me of Ariel in Footloose!? Ha 🙂

  3. I am loving the red boots and the country dancing.:) I wrote a post today about thankfulness that I think may resonate with you as a fellow “monkish momma”.:) and I love the poetry book you recommended. Deeply moving and powerful. Thank you!!

  4. El Tiburon

    “Wow, 90′s music was the best.”

    Not so fast. All best evidence says the 70s ruled. Same evidence says the 80s were pretty bad.

  5. Your red boots comment reminded me of this song – done by an alt-country singer from Toronto; Lindi Ortega.

    btw; I’m enjoying your writing.

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