Thankful Hopeful

  • Living in Texas where sunsets look like this from the back deck
  • Rocking side by side with Brooksie on the front porch swing at my parent’s house, my arm around him, my left hand holding his left, our right hands in his blankey
  • The sweet hope of hearing morning songbirds in March. Spring is coming!
  • The community around my parents that has been bringing food almost every day the past week, and that will keep on bringing food after I leave
  • My boys going to sleep last night when they were supposed to
  • A post-dinner Skype with my cute husband and his new haircut
  • This little veggie garden Chris planted for us on Sunday.

  • Talking to Chris at 11 last night while he was outside watering the brussel sprouts
  • August’s undying love for his year-older cousin, Blythe. We watched her at the end of her ballet class  yesterday and he couldn’t stop smiling all toothy and waving, “Hey Blythe!”
  • Time to read. I finished The Help and I’m halfway through Andrea Palpant Dilley’s Faith and Other Flat Tires. (I’ll be interviewing her around here soon. Yay!)
  • The joy of picking up my mom’s house (granted, it’s mostly my kids’ stuff) and doing dishes when she can’t. I’m thankful I could be here when I needed to be and that I have a job (you know, I’m a SAHM) that allows me the freedom to up and leave for home.
  • An early happy birthday celebration for Brooksie involving his cousins, kites, swings, popcorn and blue icing (in no particular order).
  • A healing mom and lots of hope…

Happy Thankful Tuesday. What are you thankful for? 



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3 responses to “Thankful Hopeful

  1. I’m thankful for sun on this cold morning (I know, it’d be warmer with a cloud cover, all that–but I’m still thankful), for another day of Nikky Finney with my students today, for visiting my friend Sara tonight who is home from the hospital! For writing this morning. Go, now, E! I love you, M.

  2. Kim

    I’m thankful for the ability to exercise…it’s when I really breathe & I truly feel in contact with my body. It’s MY time, no cell phone, no interruptions, just me pushing me.

  3. caq

    1. That I got to see grad school friends for AWP Chicago this weekend, and for remembering that I am still a writer.
    2. My family’s health.
    3. Sunshine and awesome windy weather outside.

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